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Stripping tools can make all the difference in a die cutting job.

The first step should be laser cut female stripping boards. With recent improvements in CAD software, these have become very economical. Very small and intricate cut-outs can be achieved which would be difficult or impossible to do by hand. These means more areas can be stripped. Precise line-up with the cutting die means that press speed can be increased. This accuracy has the added bonus of reducing make ready time on press.

Upper stripping tools are the next step. Being completely matched with the lower board not only eliminates setting of upper pins but reduces setup time on the press. Scrap can be removed cleanly and quickly without damage to the product.

The dynamic stripping system completely eliminates bottom pins.  With a complete male and female stripping set utilizing this way of stripping, no bottom pins are needed.  The advantages of this system are immediately obvious.  Stripping make-ready time is reduced to the time it takes to install a male and female stripping board in the press.  The upper pins are replaced with the male stripping board.   Bottom pin setting is eliminated.


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